In early 2015 Supergrip (UK) Ltd identified that the general market service provided to the Asia Pacific region was not suitable for the end clients demanding project requirements. Products and engineering services are typically being provided by companies from Europe and the United States.

With the time differences and distances involved this creates not only logistical issues but longer delivery schedules and, importantly in the current climate, increased cost for equipment and personnel support.

Supergrip (UK) Ltd therefore devised an action plan to address this issue for our business offering related to SURF and IMR products. Our vision is to localize the engineering capability and manufacturing process through a process of technology transfer.
Being close to our customers has the following advantages:

• Offer an enhanced effective communication process from in region local engineers who are familiar with the client demands and who are immediately available to discuss project requirements in person.

• Significantly reduced delivery schedules ensuring that we are in a better position to respond on general requirements and particularly on emergency fast track projects.

• Increase our cost competitiveness, which in turn presents our clients with significant commercial savings due to the lower labor cost and the support of local supply chain.

Supergrip Asia
Based in Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 12 390 7014

Supergrip Asia is based in Kuala Lumpur and led by Lennart Pang who has 20 years experience in the Oil & Gas industry.

We work with Strategic Partners in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China for NOC (National Oil Company), IOC (International Oil Companies) as well as the EPCC Contractors in the Asia Pacific region.